My Post C-Section Essentials

It’s been exactly four months since I gave birth. Four months! Many moms in my shoes may have totally adjusted by now, but here I am–still in my jammies, my hair’s tied in a messy bun, my nails are chipped, and I am running on a three-hour sleep.

But the baby is fine. He’s more than fine! He’s healthy and happy, and strong, and bright. He’s smiling all the time (except when he’s hungry), and he’s starting to babble too! I look at him and I know that my new normal means his happiness precedes mine.

Don’t get me wrong, I may look tired and messy all the time and I still have to shed the excess baby weight–but I am taking good care of myself!

These days, I’m relying on these essentials to keep me up and running and feeling well inside and out:

Mamaway Binder

Image from



I super relied on my Mamaway Binder after giving birth. I got mine from Baby Company for I think P3,000+. It’s not cheap, but definitely worth it!

Because I gave birth via Cesarean, I wasn’t very mobile right after. This made it easier for me to sit up and eventually stand and then walk. I wore this for a whole month postpartum!





Essential Oils

I know I’ve had a truly difficult pregnancy, but all that is nothing compared to taking care of a newborn! Lucas is an easy baby and he hardly ever fusses but when he does, oh my! And the sleepless nights! I guess that’s why every mother feels so attached to their children, even when they become adults. “I birthed you! I took care of you!”

I’ve been oiling since before I got pregnant, and essential oils are definitely in my postpartum arsenal! I use mostly Plant Therapy oils which I order from the U.S. The ones in Healthy Options are good, too. I mainly use these oils topically and diffuse whenever the baby’s not in the room. I still haven’t read up on which oils are baby-safe!

Whenever I need a boost of energy to stay up, I rub a bit of the Energy blend on my wrists and pulse points. When I want to sleep, I use Relax. Muscle Aid is my most-used oil because I feel like an old person now–every part of my body seems to be aching! I put this on my ankles, shoulders, neck, and even wrists (that baby is heavy!).

Four months after my C-section, my external wound has completely healed already. But my tummy still feels a bit numb and some days I can feel a bit of discomfort inside. I rub the Balance blend over my cut whenever I feel uneasy. This and a bit of rest really works!


I have a new morning routine. I drink young barley grass juice every morning, the first thing I do after getting up. Barley is a powerhouse grass. Read up on it and you’ll see its amazing benefits. It’s packed with calcium, iron, folate, and lots of vitamins. It boosts one’s energy, increases immunity, controls blood sugar levels and cholesterol, and renews cells.

I’ve been drinking it daily for a month now and it’s truly a lifesaver. Even though I’m always sleep-deprived, I’m not a zombie throughout the day anymore unlike Lucas’ first two months. I know I’m tired, yes, but I’m more alert and energetic. It’s also protected me from viral colds and flu! I get my barley stock from I Am Worldwide. I believe in the product so much that I even signed up to be a distributor! Yes, I’m selling these–message me if you want to try it!

So there, my three post-CS essentials. What are yours? Need recos, mommas!


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