DIY Baby Play Gym

Once Lucas turned two months, we wanted to give him meaningful objects that would stimulate his development. One item we always see on parenting blogs is a floor gym, and it makes sense–at two months, the baby’s vision is improving, and he’s starting to become aware of his environment.

I asked the husband to make one for the baby, because we didn’t want to buy plastic ones. Those are unnecessarily expensive and too colorful for our taste. It’s really simple to make, you don’t need fancy toys and materials, and really, you can make one under P500!

Key Benefits of a Play Gym:

  • Improves visual perception
  • Stimulates hand-to-eye coordination
  • Practices reaching and grasping skills
  • Boosts cognitive development

At two months, Lucas loved looking up at the hanging toys from his play gym. He would even coo and get excited. But it would take a while before he would intentionally reach the hanging objects. According to baby books, most babies are able to reach and grasp by their fourth month. But Lucas would just happily look up and flail his arms sidewards. We just let him be and let his development progress when he’s ready.

On the day he turned five months, I caught him raising his arms as he intently looked at the stuffed toy I hung on the gym. And then, he reached and grabbed the toy with precision. Milestone unlocked!

This floor gym is really quite simple to make, using materials that are inexpensive and readily available. Listing them down below, with estimated prices for your convenience. Also posting dimensions as a guide if you’re interested to make one for your child. You’re welcome! :)

DIY Baby Play Gym


2 pine spruce planks (or palo tsina) – available at any hardware store, around P200.00

1 baluster rod – also at a hardware store, around P100+ (a simple rod would be ideal, but we couldn’t find any)

hanging toys – we used wooden teethers I got from Shopee at P80 each, but really–you can use whatever toy and you can even make them yourself!


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