How to Make Dalgona Coffee (& its Chocolate Version)

Dalgona Coffee

It seems to me that there are two kinds of people during this community quarantine: those who make Tik Tok videos and those who make Dalgona coffee. Obviously, I’m the second kind! ;) I made a video of how to make this super frothy and pretty iced coffee named after a Korean candy.

It’s fun to make because it’s very easy and the ingredients are simple and cheap! If you have kids, make the chocolate version for a nice pre-snack activity. Read on for instructions!

Dalgona Coffee ingredients


Mix a ratio of 1:1 of the following: instant coffee powder, sugar, and hot water.

For a 16oz glass, I used 2 tbsp of each. Mix it in a small bowl using either a whisk, spoon, or fork. You’ll need about 400 strokes to achieve the frothy consistency. Give your arms a favor and use an electric mixer if you have one. ;) You’ll know it’s good if the color has changed from dark to light brown.

In a glass, put ice and milk. Top with the frothy coffee mix.

Dalgona Coffee

**CHOCOLATE VERSION for kids and non-coffee drinkers**

Same ratio, but add a portion of creamer. In the video, I used Ovaltine chocolate powder and Nescafe creamer. I found that the chocolate version takes a longer time to aerate and become frothy. But, as I said, you’ll get there.

Serve on a hot afternoon and enjoy! ;)

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